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Published articles and AFA Convention presentations

I have had a few articles published in magazines catering to parrots and other avian species. The most widely circulated is the one in BirdTalk. I never signed any agreement assigning the copyrights to any of the magazines or organizations; thus, I believe I am free to reproduce them on my website.

Published articles:

Conservation: Caiques in the Wild.  This Canadian magazine solicited an article on caiques and I wrote this short article based on what I knew about the threat to caiques in their native habitat. You can also read this on the Hagen website at Parrot Life. Issue 2, 2005, pp. 33-35.

Two of a Kind. BirdTalk Vol. 26, pp. 38-41, 2008. After hearing my presentation at the 2007 AFA Convention in Los Angles, the editor of BirdTalk asked me to write a general article on caiques. I told her that I did not want to write just another article describing the species and their general behavior, but I would write one about keeping pet caiques in pairs. This is the result. My original title was "Keeping Caiques in Pairs," but the editors of BirdTalk changed it to "Two of a Kind."

Tapiragem and Feather Color Alteration on Live Parrots by the Peoples of Amazonia. The Watchbird Vol. 35, pp. 42-50, 2008. This is a review article I wrote after I became interested in tapiragem. There is almost nothing in the English literature on this topic and I thought this needed to be addressed.

Co-parenting and Other Things I have Learned about Breeding Caiques. ASA Avicultural Bulletin Vol. 78, No. 6, 2009, pp12-17. This is a short paper I wrote on problems I encountered with egg breakage, chick dying in the nest, and how I do "rotational co-parenting."



 Presentations at the 2007 AFA Convention in Los Angles, CA. the following are the summaries submitted for the proceedings. I gave two talks, but only one was included  in the Proceedings. I include both here.

Notes of a Fanatic Hobby Caique Breeder. This is the paper they wanted me to present at the Convention and is included in the 2007 proceedings.

Color: Perception of and by Caiques. For some reason, this did not make it into the 2007 AFA Proceedings.

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