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Birds Unlimited. Not specific to caiques, but this is the largest stores in central and western New York specializing in pet birds. Until I moved I was a frequent customer. Jason Macek's website is devoted to parrot behavior--both teaching your bird tricks and "Fixing your parrot's problems." 

Caique. This website is in both Portuguese and Spanish. 

Caique Capers and Mews. Much more information on caiques. 

Caique Crazy. Caique Crazy has two websites one that is informational at Caique Crazy and another for its chat and forum Caique Forum.

Heather's Feathers. This Heather Kinsey's website. She is very knowledgeable about caiques and has several pages devoted to caiques.

Les Caiques. This is a French language website full of information on caiques. It is full of some good caique photographs and some great videos.

Lexicon of Parrots. This is a compendium of information on all types of parrots. This is the only site with pictures of the five accepted subspecies of caique.

Lima's Exotic Birds. Ralph Lima has been breeding caiques since 1978 and provides information at his site about their breeding.

Rare Species Conservation. Rare Species Conservation. The site provides extensive information about breeding yellow-thighed caiques.

Shadypines. This is Gloria Balaban's website. She is a highly regarded caique breeder. She includes a large amount of information on them that is very useful.


Chat Sites:

Up-at-Six Caique Chat Board.

Caique Forum

Crazy Caique Forum on Facebook.


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Google caique group. This is a very active group that you can join by going to