Emergency Care Links


AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association). Use this link to look up an animal hospital in your area.

American Avian Veterinarian Association. Use this link to look up an veterinarian in your area specializing in avian medicine.

Cornell Pet Loss Support Hotline. You will find a phone number at this site to call if you have lost a pet. This hotline is manned by student volunteers. 

Perfect Memorials. This page provides the phone numbers and websites of several  pet loss support groups who may be be located closer to where you live. This is a commercial website.

Mentaline. This website, based in the U.K., offers great information on coping with grief from the loss of pets.

Missing Pet Network. Go to this site if your bird has escaped or been stolen. This site is sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture.

National Animal Poison control Center. This link takes you to an ASPCA site that provides you with a telephone number to call if your bird has been exposed to a a poison. There is a fee for this service.

Material Safety Data Sheets. There are a number of websites that provide Material Data Safety Sheets. You can search for information about the safety of just about any compound you can think of. Manufacturers are required  to provide these Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) to its customers. One website is MSDSsolutions.com. another is MSDS-SEARCH.com, Inc.

National Pesticide Information Center. This takes you to the main page where there is a link for emergencies.

SafeNet. This is commercial link, but it provides some good information for people suffering bereavement from the loss of a pet. It also links to other websites that may help you.