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Arts, Crafts, etc.


These links and addresses are for craftsmen and artists who make and sell products related to caiques. Please contact me if you know of additional sources of caique related arts and crafts.

Hand carved and painted balsa wood Pionites melanocephalus pallidus purchased January 2000 in Quito, Ecuador.


Alicia's Creations. (or Offers hand made jewelry of several different parrot species including a black-headed caique.

Arcata Pet. Offers 4 x 5 note cards featuring a black-headed caique by artist Linda Parkinson.

Arndt-Verlag. The Arndt-Verlag, the company that publishes the Lexicon of Parrots, is offering paintings of parrots done by the Balinese artist I Made Sukada. One is of a black-headed caique.

Avian Art Atlanta. J. Price Wiesman offers a number of very fine prints of parrots including one of the Black-headed caique. 

Avians in Oil. Angela Dean has combined her love of animals with her skill in painting to offer custom portraits of your bird in oil or watercolor. She has a shot of her painting of "Ruthie," a black-headed caique on her site.

Beak Boutique. This site offers a number of prints of parrots including one featuring caiques in cowboy boots.

Beyond Batik Canada. This site offers parrot clothing, including caique t-shirts, ladies tops, and dresses. 

Bird This site offers very attractive colored clay jewelry featuring many parrot species.

Bird Songs International. This site offers a CD of bird sounds. The sound of a yellow-thighed caique is on the one entitled Birds of Bolivia 2.0.

Birdlady of Easton. This site offers a nice selection of T-shirts sweatshirts. One set of them includes a picture that won the 2009 Birds USA Photo Contest in the category of "Best Buds." Roy Astley Fryer works in oils and has painted many pictures of parrots including caiques.

Birds and Branches. This site offers a T-shirt of a black-headed caique designed by Kip Elliott. 

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Postcard of two caiques published in Switzerland in early Twentieth Century. It is a copy of a watercolor by Catherine Klein (b. 1861). She was born in Berlin, Prussia now Germany. She was known for her water colors of flowers. She later added birds to her flower compositions. Occasionally you will find a piece of pottery or glass decorated with this image.

BriskyRay Creations. Unique Symbols of Love created with your beloved birds feathers. (Dream Catchers, Flowers and more...)

Cornell Lab Birding Shop is now offering an audio guide entitled "Voices of the New World Parrots." Its cover features the black-headed caique.

Critters on Things. At this website, you can purchase a wide variety of items featuring caiques printed on everything from bumper stickers to clocks.

Eric Peake. Eric is well known for his prints of parrots. He offers a fine print of a black-headed caique. The model was Sally Blanchard's Spike.

Jackson's B.I.R.D.S. This site offers refrigerator magnets featuring both black-headed and white-bellied caiques.

Majesti. Mary Ann Tremmel hand paints bisque caique figures and lamps featuring caiques. She sells them on eBay. You may reach her by going to eBay and typing in seller name "majesti."

Parrot Carvings. Rob Fergusson carves many different kinds of parrots. They are extremely realistic, especially the ones which are made by carving the individual feathers.

Parrot Talk. This site has links to a number of avian artists. This is a source of mouse pads, hats, coasters, etc. bearing images of caiques.

The Ravensburger website is selling a jigsaw puzzle that includes a Black-Headed Caique in it. To find it, go the the Ravensburger website, click on the U.S. flag, and then type "jungle" into the search window of the new page. 

Robar Productions. You can purchase a video of parrots performing tricks at this site. One of the stars is Cassie, a black-headed caique. Cassie was won one of the November, 2003 Pet Star Shows. 

Studio Gary Paul, 4529 Belvidere Lane, Edina, MN 55435. Artist Gary Paul has produced a limited edition of “The Black Headed Caique.” This is a very fine and desirable black and white lithograph. The edition was limited to 750. This print was featured on the cover of the June 1997 issue (Vol. 7, No. 2, issue #34) of The Pet Bird Report. [I tried to contact Gary Paul in January 2005, but have was unsuccessful. If anyone has an address or phone number, please contact me.]

Tangy Design offers a very fine CD image of a black-headed caique. You may also request custom designs including tiles. 

To The Point Design Studio, P.O. Box 747, Moorpark, CA 93020. Lisa and Mark Walsh make and sell T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, stationery, address labels, etc. with a variety of parrot prints on them. They also offer a very nice color print of a black-headed caique.

William T. Cooper. William Cooper did all the watercolors for Forshaw's Parrots of the World. He is truly one of the great illustrators of parrots. His latest work is still mostly devoted to birds but has moved to a new level.